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Scythe hitting Stone

2017, 79 min., debut feature

producer, director & writer - Anja Kreis

Co-Production with Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln


Kseniya Kutepova, Aleksey Solonchev, Rovert Vaab, Ekaterina Vinogradova.


Russia in 2000. The end of the post-Soviet era. The province of Ivanovo. The Mironovich family keeps a wake: their youngest son Andrej died in the war. His older brother Anton meets Andrej's last wish: He drives his motorcycle through the city at sunrise. Meanwhile, in love with Anton Vika is raped after the disco. Her mother commits a senseless murder at home. There are no guilty parties.


2017 Festival du cinema russe a Honfleur, France, 1) PRIX FRANCOIS-CHALAIS,
2017 Festival du cinema russe a Honfleur, France, 2) PRIX DE LA REGION NORMANDIE
2017 Festival der nationalen Debütfilme «Dvizhenije», Russland, 2017, GRAND PRIX
2018 Transilvania Film Festival, Romania, SPECIAL JURY AWARD
2018 Poitiers Film Festival, GRAND PRIX DES LONG METRGES
2019 Univercine Nantes, GRAND PRIX, CINEMA RUSSE



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